Retro Beach Playscape for Stockland Burleigh Shopping Centre

February 21, 2019

An exciting new retro beach-themed playspace, designed and built by The Play Works, was opened at Stockland Burleigh shopping centre just in time for Christmas, providing engaging and enchanting experiences for kids of all ages.

In a salute to the local area and its history, The Play Works designed many of the features to be recognisable to the children, and their parents and grandparents from times gone by. The interactive ice cream truck, the Combie van, caravan kitchen, tent and underwater area are all framed by towering pine trees, each of which allude to the area’s history.

The seascape texture wall features beautiful mosaics, artfully composed to represent the plentiful local ocean life. The tactile pieces are designed to invite the touch of curious little hands, allowing for the kids to engage with the space on a sensory level.

While the playground is not enclosed, it has been designed with busy parents in mind with only one entry and exit point, providing easy supervision throughout. Games and puzzles are embedded within the space, providing social and roleplay opportunities, no electronics required!

The structure and activities are predominantly made with plywood timber, giving the playground a sense of charm and softness not often found in commercial playgrounds. The colours are vibrant yet reflect the retro beach style.

With so many interactive pieces, the small space has been transformed into a vibrant playspace that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.

The Stockland Burleigh playspace is another example of an emotive and artistic design that is made possible by The Play Works’ 35 years of playground design history.