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Playground design 

Whether we collaborate with landscape architects or develop innovative design concepts from scratch, we strive to create engaging, stimulating play environments that enrich families and enhance the natural surroundings.

wooden teepee in a sandpit

Strong design principles

A well-designed playground provides a diverse flow of play experiences, encouraging children of all ages to engage in active play, imaginative play, sensory exploration and social interaction. It incorporates a mixture of equipment, textures and natural elements, and respects the context of the project and brief. Our design specialists work with you to ensure every element of your playground is thoughtfully designed. 

Custom designed playgrounds

We create bespoke play structures from the ground up – playgrounds that tell a unique story about local cultural influences, environmental considerations and community values. 

Experts in safety and compliance

As playground specialists, we are extremely well-versed in safety and compliance. We can advise you on balancing adventurism and safety, and will ensure your playground meets and exceeds the relevant safety requirements.  

Dedicated to creating inclusive playspaces

Our playspaces exist at the heart of communities and we believe they should cater for everyone – young and old, families and carers, and people of all abilities. Our designs follow best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility.  

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