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Accessible & inclusive playgrounds

The magic of play is for everyone. Our playground designs follow best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility.

PlayWorks Accessible Playgrounds
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Play for people of all ages, abilities and cultures

Our playspaces exist at the heart of communities and we believe they should cater for everyone – young and old, families and carers, and people of all abilities. Our designs follow best practice principles for inclusive design and accessibility.  

  • Find – communicate the purpose and location of play elements and facilities.
  • Fit – provide a range of play opportunities for people of all abilities and sizes.
  • Choose – enable exciting individual experiences and social interaction.
  • Thrive – challenge and involve people of all capabilities.
  • Join in – create opportunities for everyone to connect.
  • Belong – create a place that’s welcoming and comfortable. 

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Our range of inclusive play equipment is designed to create welcoming and inclusive play environments where children of all ages and abilities can participate fully. Our designs prioritise accessibility and safety, without compromising on fun.