Play equipment manufacturing

We manufacture our playground equipment in one of our three established Australian factories, giving us complete design flexibility and allowing us to maintain extremely high quality standards. Importantly, our equipment doesn’t require overseas shipping that costs you time, money – and the earth.

PlayWorks Manufacturing

Unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities

As part of PlayCo, we are Australia’s largest and most established playground equipment manufacturer and operate three factories across Brisbane and Perth. Our manufacturing capabilities include rotomolding, injection moulding, powder coating, bending, welding, ropes, CNC machining, fabrication, timber processing, timber carving and more.  

PlayWorks Playground

High-grade material selection

We use high-grade materials, including sustainably-sourced Australian timber. While no two playgrounds look the same, our structures are created using carefully-engineered components that have been tried and tested across the full PlayCo range.  

Spare parts, refurbs and replacements

We carefully select our materials and parts to ensure our play equipment is built to last. However, if the need for repairs does arise, we have warehouses right across Australia so you get fast spare parts and reliable local service.  

Have a design idea in mind?