Shepherds Bush Bike Track

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Shepherd’s Bush Bike Track aimed to create an engaging and educational biking experience for children, featuring road signs from our Themed Play range. The project’s objective was to promote safety awareness and imaginative play while enhancing the overall biking adventure.


Our project at Shepherd’s Bush Bike Track exclusively utilised products from our Themed Play range, focusing on road signs designed to mimic real-world traffic signals and signs. These elements were chosen to simulate a realistic road environment, allowing children to learn about road safety while enjoying their biking experience.


Shepherd’s Bush Bike Track road signs are strategically placed throughout the track to simulate intersections, pedestrian crossings, and other road features. Each sign is crafted to resemble its real-world counterpart, providing a fun and interactive way for children to familiarise themselves with traffic rules and regulations.

Through this project, Shepherd’s Bush Bike Track has created a dynamic and educational biking environment where children can learn valuable safety skills while having fun on their bikes.