Kuhls Road Park

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With the aim of rejuvenating community spaces and fostering a sense of unity, we were set with the task to help revitalise Kuhl’s Road Park, turning it into a dynamic hub for recreation and social interaction. The vision was to create a space that caters to the diverse needs and interests of the local community, while also celebrating the natural beauty of the surroundings.


Drawing inspiration from the park’s serene setting, the Nature Play range brings elements of the natural world into the playground. From timber play structures that blend seamlessly with the landscape to sensory gardens filled with native flora, this range encourages children and families to connect with nature while engaging in outdoor play.


From inclusive play equipment designed to accommodate children of all abilities to interactive features that promote physical activity and social interaction, every product is crafted with safety, durability, and sustainability in mind. By incorporating eco-friendly materials and innovative design elements, we’ve transformed Kuhl’s Road Park into a destination that celebrates the spirit of community and the beauty of nature.