Beenleigh special school

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At Beenleigh Special School, the mission was to create an inclusive and engaging playground experience using elements from our Themed Play range, including our dynamic Activity Panels.


Inspired by the diverse interests and needs of children, our Themed Play range offers a variety of elements designed to spark imagination and promote play-based learning.

As interactive focal points of the playground, our Activity Panels engage children with a variety of sensory experiences, from tactile exploration to visual stimulation and cognitive challenges. Designed to promote inclusive play, they provide opportunities for children of all abilities to participate and thrive.


The transformation of Beenleigh Special School’s playground has created a vibrant and inclusive space where children can explore, learn, and play together. With our Themed Play range and Activity Panels at the forefront, the playground becomes a hub of imaginative adventure, fostering social connections and supporting the development of essential skills.