Making the Most of Water Play

December 4, 2018

The Play Works has expanded their range of water play options by introducing a new member to the water pump family, along with a variety of other exciting water course accessories.

The Play Works started manufacturing the classic style pump over 15 years ago and it remains their best seller today. The tall water pump was developed to suit accessible playspaces as well as to broaden the options available when it comes to the style of handle and mechanism. The company has recently released the compact water pump; the little brother to the classic pump – similar in style and mechanism but smaller in stature.

All of The Play Works pumps suit a wide variety of situations and conform to all playground standards; they come as complete units with reservoirs and there are no additional or extra costs. Each is available in either a brushed stainless-steel finish or with blue powdercoat accents. There is complete flexibility in the choice of water connection types as all the pumps work connected to mains pressure or gravity-fed water tanks.

Over the years, the company’s pumps have been included by creatives Australia-wide in a diverse range of projects, from early childhood centres to schools and, of course, public spaces. There is no limit to the imaginative courses and vessels created.

Now The Play Works has increased their options further with sluice gates, a plunger valve and a water auger. Children can use this auger or Archimedes’ screw to draw water from a well at the base and release from the top of the screw to a height of 1200mm, introducing a novel, interactive way to achieve height variation in water courses.

There are also a range of water troughs available, both in stainless steel or, for the natural look, a beautifully carved ironbark log.