Play Design

Great play design requires more than raw creativity; it must be underpinned by a clear idea of purpose, a deep knowledge of function and a thorough understanding of standards, materials and processes. We bring these qualities to everything we do. They are embedded in our everyday products, they guide our development of new ideas and they are what we bring to our collaborations at every level.

Good collaborations extend everybody involved – and we take special pleasure in helping clients realise their unique and imaginative projects.

Our bespoke project process

1. Exploration Stage – Making it real

Most great play outcomes start as excited crazy notions. Our job is to handle the hard work in-between. Our contribution is in knowing the strengths and limitations of the available materials, production processes and project delivery techniques. We also bring a deep understanding of the underlying logic of compliance standards.

Bringing your inspiration and aspirations to this informed scrutiny early on will greatly facilitate your journey from idea to reality.

2. Concept Stage – What will it look like?

Concept development and design drafting.

We take your project ideas, the cultural context, site possibilities and the budget. We deliver an achievable play-space concept that makes the most of the available resources, balances the competing demands and connects intrinsically to the community.

3. Detail Design Stage – How will we make it?

Engineering & construction detail.

Our product development team will resolve all detail design issues and draft all necessary information for production and delivery. This includes detailed costing and design adjustments if necessary to meet budget.

4. Fabrication Stage – Your designs manufactured to spec

Fabrication and manufacture.

We are the designers and manufacturers of our products. This affords us the privilege of knowing everything we supply inside out. We select the suitable materials and techniques to meet the demands of the individual circumstances and local conditions; it ensure proper function, safety and modifications, adjustments, refinements and upgrades are easy to organise without compromising warranties.

5. Project Delivery – Putting your project into the ground

Installation & Project Management

With thousands of projects completed in 30 odd years, we bring a wealth of experience and time tested knowledge to every client. Our team has developed the valued skill of delivering projects on time, within budget and true to brief. We owe a great deal of our success to the continued effort we put into this part of our business.

Some of our bespoke creations…