Improving opportunities for inclusive play

June 6, 2019

From double flying foxes with accessible harnesses to tactile interactive panels, The Play Works has developed a wide range of inclusive elements that engage the greatest range of abilities and bring playspaces to life.

The Play Works is an Australian company with over 30 years of experience in play. The company’s bespoke capabilities offer a deep understanding of play and the regulatory environment, and generate a creative design culture that delivers inspirational results. The team has a state-of-the-art range of equipment that can be accessed by children of any age and ability.

The streamlined design of the recently developed accessible carousel encourages users of all capabilities. Its stainless-steel construction ensures durability and longevity, and with a base diameter of 1500mm, it is a comfortable size for a small group of children.

Swinging is not usually a group activity, however, it is an unforgettable experience when two people can share the joy of swinging together. The bucket swing seat included in the dual Joey Swing is large enough to accommodate small children of any ability securely, and the larger seat comfortably suits any age from young children up to adults.

The fun pictures and designs of The Play Works‘ range of choice boards encourage everyone to join in with non-verbal communication. The company collaborates with Auslan consultants and Picture Communication Symbols specialists to develop choice-making boards that are unique to each playspace.

Children look at the world through different eyes and sometimes the smallest details hold the most magic. Little discoveries, such as creature carvings in unexpected places, bring a sense of enchantment for all to enjoy. In the same way, children can discover Tread Chimes or bells installed into decking by stomping or rolling over them to ring the notes.

Sand is a medium that many children have an affinity with and, when combined with water, it can provide entertainment for hours. Raised sandpits are great for children in wheelchairs and those with mobility issues. Water augers and sand conveyor belts can provide the interactive connection between ground and raised levels. 

With The Play Works’ substantial bespoke capabilities, it is easier than ever before to have an idea developed and manufactured to unique specifications.

To create your next sensory-rich playground contact The Play Works.