Ironbark Log Double Swing

Ironbark Log Double Swing

Nature Play Freestanding Swings Inclusive Accessible Customisable

This sturdy, all-ages double-swing is an essential inclusion to any nature play area. Locally crafted with premium ironbark timber posts and stainless steel crossbars, chains, and fixings, the rubber seats come as a standard swing combination with a one-strap seat and a toddler seat.

Product details

Code: PN1261
Age Range: 2 – 12 years
Max Fall Height: 1.4m
Minimum Fall Zone: 29m²
Equipment Size: 7.6m²
Max Equipment Height: 2.4m
Number of users: 2
Material: Mixed
Customisable: Yes
Colour Options: No


Accessible Inclusive Landscape Architect School Local Government Caravan Park

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Children playing on a climbing playground

Customisable play options

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