SC Talisker


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Product Description


6 ‘Deckionary’ Platforms


Ship’s Deck

Honeycomb Climber

2 Arched Bridges

Ship’s Bow

2 Bigfoot Double Slides

2 Slide Wave Bars

Fire Pole

2 Rope Escalators

Bubbleboo Panel

Vine Climber

Ship’s Wheel Spinner

Alphabet Panel


Angled Rung Ladder

Rope Scramble Net

Loud Hailer

3 HDPE Fence Panels

2 Cash Registers

Shop Counter

2 Stepped Fences

2 Flower Talk Tubes

Squash Gauge

2 Grocers Scales

2 Telescopes

Spiral Spinner

4 Port Hole Panels

Illusion Spinner

Abacus Panel

Twin JumpTouch Game

2 Steering Wheels

Grab Handles


AS 4685 – 2014  pt1 – pt6

AS/NZS 4422 – 1996

AS/NZS 4486.1

Project Gallery

Calypso Bay

Mowbray Park

Recommended Softfall Area

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