Our Love for Carved Play Art

March 1, 2016

To carve is to make a cultural mark on the world – it doesn’t define a time or place, but carries the human moment of its creation.  Even when it draws on ancient forms, the sculptor gives it current meaning.  It speaks most to us when it is personal, unique and crafted with that human touch; machines can make items perfect in every detail, but they are not sculpture.  Hand crafted objects have an energy you don’t feel in mass produced things: their subtle imperfections draw an empathetic eye, and to touch is to feel the hand of the sculptor teasing form from shy substance.

The sculptural pieces in our nature play range are all individually carved by our artists. They add an extra visual dimension to any playspace, and provide an intriguing tactile landscape for inquisitive fingers to explore. Totems of flora and fauna add local cultural reference, and the raw logs can bring a real natural feel to the playspace.

We think sculpture gives most when it is part of the play, something you don’t just look at or point to, but touch and feel, climb on, rub up against, sit on, jump over, make music with..  when art is a part of life.