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Play design

Great play design requires more than raw creativity; it must be underpinned by a clear idea of purpose, a deep knowledge of function and a thorough understanding of standards, materials and processes. We bring these qualities to everything we do. They are embedded in our everyday products, they guide our development of new ideas and they are what we bring to our collaborations at every level.

Good collaborations extend everybody involved – and we take special pleasure in helping clients realise their unique and imaginative projects.

Product development and design drafting

Most great play ideas start as excited crazy notions. Often unseen is all the hard work in between. Knowing the strengths and limitations of your materials and methods, understanding the underlying logic of compliance standards (our Creative Director spent over a decade on the Australian Playground Standards committee), knowing the anthropometrics of the proposed user groups and a seasoned judgement on how kids will respond to (often unintended) opportunities.

These are the back of house skills that we bring to both our everyday processes and to the collaborations we undertake with other designers wanting to bring their own bespoke ideas to their projects.

We are designers & manufacturers

We are the designers AND the manufacturers

That means we know everything we supply inside out. We select the right materials and processes to meet the demand of the individual circumstances and local conditions to ensure proper function, safety and durability.

Spare parts are always readily available and fairly priced. Modifications, adjustments, refinements and upgrades are easy to organise without compromising warranties.

This extensive knowledge and experience underlies the quality of our standard product ranges and enables us to deliver custom and bespoke projects with confidence.

We provide TOTAL support

Play art

Art, in its various forms, is embedded to a greater or lesser degree in all human experience. It serves to inspire, connect, stimulate, comfort, question, inform, challenge and intrigue amongst much else. It adds great experiential value to any complete playspace. It can be visual, tactile, sonic… it can be a reassuring presence or a delightful discovery, a quickly playful idea or an icon with deep connection to local culture.

We engage with artists sensitive to play principles and who respond positively to the issues and challenges specific to play environments. We consider it a privilege to bring their works in playground projects around the country.

Project delivery

With thousands of projects completed in 30 odd years, we bring a wealth of experience and time tested knowledge to every client. Our team has developed the valued skill of delivering projects on time, within budget and true to the brief.  We owe a great deal of our success to the continued effort we put into this part of our business.

We certainly look forward to working with you in the future.